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Last-Minute Wedding Gift Ideas

Forgot to gift that newlywed couple? If you are someone who loses track of time in this fast-moving world, you are not alone, my friend. DIYs are a 2020 blessing in disguise. If you are out of time and money, worry not! We have got you covered with some creative DIY ideas on last-minute gifts appropriate for newlywed love birds. These are easy and takes significantly less time to create.

Stylish Coffee Mugs

These are a lovely and apt gift for a couple who are about to have infinite coffees together. All you have to do is take a pair of plain white mugs and draw cartoon figures of bride and groom on each one.

Stylish Coffee Mugs

Astrological Sign Artwork

This is again a simple DIY to make the happy couple smile wider. All you have to do is that a black chart paper, draw the astrological signs of both couples in a knotted design. Take a paper gum tube and draw it over the signs neatly and sprinkle some glitter over the lines. Let the gum dry, and the perfect couple’s gift is ready!

Quirky Wedding Card

If you know the couple personally, print out some quirky messages and make it into a card. Get your Photoshop skills a turn to shine. A personalized message for the couple will be well received.

Map their Relationship

Cut heart shapes of maps and pin their photos showing their journey as a couple. You can map the couple’s relationship from the beginning and how it led to their wedding!

Design your Old Mirror

Mirrors are perfect household gifts. Decorate its edges with designer taps to make it look fancy. Make sure the mirror is not broken or scratched.

Personalized Wall Designs

Write personalized quotes about the couple on a cardboard sheet. Decorate it with glitter and frame the sheet. It can be quirky and fun messages.

Customized Pillow Quote

Get a pillow that fits the couple and write an uplifting quote. You can use fabric sketches to draw creative designs around the phrase.

Bake Goodies

If you are a baker, be the chef! Baked goodies with sweetish aromas are always well received. Make sure to pack the goodies well, because you don’t want to lose the savour.

Custom Coat Hanger

Take a coat hanger and paint it with floral designs. You can also try painting the knots in a sunny shade for an extra touch.

Coat Hanger

Bamboo Photo Frame

Photo frames will be much in need for the couple. All you have to do is get four bamboo sticks, knot the edges with colourful wire, and frame a nice photo of the couple

Gift a Sapling

This may not be a DIY, but gifting a sapling is very symbolic—a life beginning.

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