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Top 5 Benefits of Virtual Events in 2020

Top 5 Benefits of Virtual Events in 2020. Virtual events are one of the most talked-about and technology-driven for meeting people online. Recently the benefits of virtual events are more under limelight because this is one of the safest ways business houses and business associations can arrange their virtual conglomeration. 

Why are Virtual Events now earning approval?

Virtual event was always a hit in the digital world, and it was the gift of technology in the business world to bring and coordinate people digitally across the globe on a virtual interactive platform.

Whenever we speak of an event, we know it is a scope of face-to-face interaction. But the recent pandemic in 2020 has imposed a strict restriction in organizing a meeting or a get-together. Maintaining social distance has become a necessity. In this context, only a virtual event can bridge the gap between the people, whether it is a business meeting or a personal rally.

Virtual event was always a hit in the digital world, and it was the gift of technology in the business world to bring and coordinate people digitally across the globe on a virtual interactive platform. But under the shadow of COVID-19, the option has been converted into a need. It’s time to assess and appreciate the benefits of virtual events in the light of the changing environment that the world is experiencing. Though there are Pros and Cons of Virtual Events!

Cost efficiency

A virtual event is cost-efficient than a physical event in many ways. You can save the cost of booking a venue, arranging the meeting, paying for the travel cost, making refreshments arrangements, etc.

Creative and Global Reach Empowered

A virtual event can be creative and entertaining with a global reach. For example, services like Virtual Event Printing are now popularly associated with virtual event hosting, making the event pleasant and enjoyable other than professional business interactions.  

Geo-location does not matter for virtual events but wherever you are located, you can join the online event form your place. Staying connected socially via participating in a virtual event is always safe and healthy.


A virtual meeting can save the potential time of the participant as they don’t need to travel to the venue physically. They can efficiently complete their work/enrollment, registration online. Hence the host can complete all the formalities of invitation online, which is a definite advantage.


A virtual event is widely flexible than a physical meeting as you can arrange everything virtually. And the participants can accept your invitation online instantly. Also, participants can inform the host online if they cannot join the program for some sudden change at his end.

Benefits of Virtual Events, Result Oriented

But here the participants’ responses and comments get recorded almost instantly, and there is no scope of anticipation.

It is easier to track a virtual event as everything in this event is arranged online. So the result of the event is easy to track by using some specific software. In a physical meeting/event, you have to wait for the feedback. But here the participants’ responses and comments get recorded almost instantly, and there is no scope of anticipation. 

Benefits of Virtual Events

These are the 5 benefits of hosting a virtual event. Now during the pandemic, along with these five benefits, a virtual event will offer the users another prime benefit. As it is the safety of the contamination risk of COVID-19, and the prize is priceless. 

Add On’s for your Virtual Guests

Be creative and find ways to connect with your virtual guests! Show them your sincerity even if you’re miles away. Corporate Gifts are universal now and they can be easily delivered anywhere with just a click and at their doorstep. Learn how to build your brand with corporate gift ideas.


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Build Your Brand With Corporate Gift Ideas

These Corporate gift ideas are an extension of your brand image. Building a brand is all about marketing. It works two ways – it acts as an incentive to promote the brand and helps to build an image of the brand.

When you gift your clients, it’s not only a gift but also an acknowledgment of your successful working relationship with them. Corporate gift ideas say a lot about how much you know your clients. Though corporate gifts depend on how much you value your relationship with the client, it’s a big investment for the company.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Eco friendly: Though it’s not possible to provide an eco-friendly gift every time, eco-friendly gifts are indicators that you value the environment as well.  For example, you give a gift basket, which is hand-woven or a personal organizer with handmade pages.
  • Personal touch:  Any gift which has a personal touch always adds value. Whether you personally selected the gift or you personally like the product, shows that you took a personal interest in selecting the gift.
  • Useful: As a company, you would always want your gift to be useful and not something which the client would throw away. After all, you have invested in buying the gift. Always research before you gift an expensive item, as you wouldn’t want to make a client unhappy.
  • Economical: Showering lavish gifts like luxury watches or expensive perfumes may look good for the brand, but remember that you may not be able to afford these gifts for everyone.

Let us look at some of the corporate gift ideas which will help you build your brand:

Spa Gift set

A perfect gift for a businesswoman. Every woman likes a spa beauty treatment. For that matter, so do the men.

Holiday resort:  An all-inclusive trip to an exotic resort or fun getaway is also a popular gift idea.  You are providing a family with some quality together time.

Wine/ coffee hamper: An expensive collection of wine for wine lovers or the world’s best coffee all bundled up in a hamper is the perfect gift for coffee lovers.

Gold or silver coins

This gift acts is an investment and you can also imprint your company name or logo on the coin.

Gourmet gift: A box filled with assorted cookies or a dry fruit box can make a perfect gift for a foodie lover.

While proper gifting can take your brand a few notches up, it’s also important to maintain proper etiquettes while gifting. A perfect corporate gift ideas is not determined by how big or small it is, but how unique it is, it shows how much you value the relationship with your client. After all, building your brand and valuing your relationship with the client go hand in hand.


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Interesting fringe activities for Corporate Events

Picking interesting fringe activities for corporate events can be a scary decision. Will the guests like the activities you choose? Will the event organizers and event booth participants arrive on time? Will the props be ready when you want them? There are several such doubts that you might get when it comes to hosting fringe activities in a social event. If it involves choosing fringe activities for a casual dinner party, then it should be a tad bit simpler than picking such activities for a corporate event.

There are people from various verticals and people from various seniority levels who might be taking part in a corporate event. You do not want something plain or boring. The activities should bring the teams together and let them open up and feel at home. The fringe activities and corporate event activities should all focus on allowing the guests to break the ice and converse with the other guests. At the same time, you do not want activities that would make your boss make a fool of himself in front of the rest of the team. Pick the most comfortable yet the most fun activities that everyone in the team and people from all age groups would be able to enjoy heartfully.

1. Block Print

Arts and crafts can be great stressbusters, especially in an office setup. Block print on totes or coasters and other simple objects can be fun yet gratifying activities where anyone can take back something with them.

2. Art display

You can organize a booth for the artistic members of your team to display their creativity. This can also help the entire team understand the hidden talents of the other members of the team. You can also know and spot the most creative member in your office and give them a platform to express their talents. Art display booths and exhibitions can also let other members of the team purchase the artwork that was created by their colleagues. It can be a fun way to recognize additional talents.

3. Tea tasting 

Customized teas and tea tasting of the world popular tea variants can also be fun activities and tea is good for health for the whole group as well. You can allow the guests to choose the combinations they wish to try and hand them freshly brewed teas of their choice on the spot.

4. Customized cookies

Another fun activity that you can combine with the dinner plan would be customized cookies. It lets the guests try their hands at decorating a simple cookie with the piping bag and choice of edible embellishments presented. They can pick their favorite cookie type and decorate it the way they like. It can be a fun choice for corporate events or even as D&D fringe activities.

5. Customized corporate gift ideas for women

Pick favorite designs or fonts for name etching and other customization choices. These can be executed on coasters, mousepads, planners, badges, and other office supplies. They can then place the customized object in their desk later in memory of that event. Especially the ladies, create the ultimate corporate gifts ideas for women you can offer to them!

Pick easy fringe activities that would let the guests take back a gift, no matter how small, with them. This makes the corporate event turn out to be a huge success. 


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Corporate Gift Ideas For Women

Business women need to be gifted thoughtful things; especially the kind that would both help them to relax in between back to back schedules as well enhance her business potential in the market. Listed below are ten ideas that would be great corporate gifts for the modern woman:

  1. Informative Books And Magazines:

Good books and magazines that could enhance her personal and professional growth can be fantastic gifts for business women. Apart from keeping her updated about the latest facts of the corporate world, it will also help her form new ideas for better acquisition and profits. A subscription to a business magazine or a gift cards from a reputed bookstore is also wonderful ideas.

  • A Tote Or A Business Bag:

Image matters a good deal in the corporate sector. Whether on business trips or networking events, a good looking business bag or a tote is your best partner. The bag needs to be the kind that can carry the essentials as well as make a statement. Despite the fact that image is not everything; it does make a difference to look polished and professional at an important meeting.

  • An E-Reader For The Success-Oriented Business Woman:

The corporate world keeps its members on the go and anything that is portable and has the ability to store information is a boon for a woman in this sector. With technology on the rise and more people expecting instant information, physical books tend to lose out to the more popular iPad, Kindle and other E-readers that can be carried anywhere without worrying about its weight. For the success-oriented business woman, this could be a very thoughtful gift.

  • External Data Storage Device:

Anybody who has dealt with lost information due to power outage or a crashed system will know the benefits and importance of en external data storage device. For a woman in the corporate sector, it is mandatory that she keeps her documents in place. To keep things in a safe and organized way, external hard drives or USB flash drives could be great corporate gift ideas for her.

  • Paper Shredder:

This might not sound very convincing but can be a boon for women who have faced issues of identity theft and such. Identity theft is rampant in the corporate world and more people are looking for ideas to prevent this menace. A good paper shredder can prevent this to some extent and help keep valuable information secure and private.

  • A Good Label Maker:

Don’t we all have our bad days when nothing seems to be found? A desk in an office tends to look cluttered without proper storage systems. What better way to keep worries and clutter away than gifting a label maker that saves time? A label maker can keep files, documents, storage containers labelled so that they can be identified even under maximum stress. They have a wide range of prices and shapes that can be decided depending upon the budget of the one employer.


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