20 Powerful & Unique Fringe Activities for Product Launch

Are you planning to launch a new service or product? Spice up these unique fringe activities for a product launch to create an unforgettable experience. Let’s find out how to turn a product launch event into a success.

Create Anticipation:

Building anticipation creates curiosity! A mysterious aura will allow your customers would be enthusiastic about finding out what will be announced.

Include Exclusivity:

Have you ever thought about how to turn mundane topics exciting? This is possible by sending out exclusive invites. Being part of the few individuals invited can make the event cherishable.

Evoke A Unique Atmosphere:

Create a special atmosphere for the event attendees. Make it more like a retreat by sharing knowledge and insight along with fun involved.

Host At A Unique Venue:

Hosting your product launch event at exclusive venues can spike the interest of your invitees. This will allow them to gain more career insights but also offers a relaxing experience.

Partnering Up:

At times the best way to get individuals to attend your event is to partner up and get a few incredible speakers. Getting a local expert can also be a dynamic approach.

Target Your Audience:

Launching your products, make sure that you’re serving a specific target market. This will help you to serve them well.

Make Branded Hashtags:

By strategically making use of social media networks! The purpose of creating viral hashtags, will help more attract more attention before and during the product launch!

Personalized Invitee Experience:

By conducting these unique fringe activities for product launch events, you can nail it by offering customized items.

Spread The Word:

Wish to publicize your event? Get in touch with newspapers and blogs. Send them some of the details of your event and ask them to spread the news.

Use Technology:

Planning to record and post the whole event online? Or wish to use event software to run the launch well? Whichever, it sure will bring success.

Offer Hands-On Experience:

Providing hands-on experience will increase the skill sets of attendees. Allow them to experience something out of ordinary and have them something memorable to bring home. This has got to be one of the most unique fringe activities!

Go Digital

Hosting the launch event on the Internet is a great option. This is because you can record the entire content and use it later for promotional activities.

Diversify To Enlarge The Event:

Planning the event for your product launch, try hard to bring together different sorts of individuals. This will help create an exciting yet diversified vibe.

Place Networking At The Forefront:

Consider different ways to create networking possibilities at your launching event. An email invitation itself would work wonders to convince individuals to attend.

Conduct Live Performances:

By featuring live performances, your product launch will be fun-filled and exciting. For this, you can even get talented local artists.

Be Competitive:

Wish to add a competitive streak to your event? A simple trivia game with your new product as the prize would work great.

Create Inspiration:


Inspire your attendees by showcasing the potential your new product is capable of. This will help them to dream big.

One key is to offer your guests corporate gifts that will allow them to have a memorable experience. It is important to source the right item to gift as it will show the level of sincerity, especially the ladies! It can be challenging to find the right gift for the ladies, but fret not, here are some tips on Corporate Gift Ideas for Women.

Now that you’re aware of various ideas required for these unique fringe activities for product launch go ahead and make your event noticeable. 


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