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Photography - The Best Cure for a Bad Memory

July 18, 2014

We recently stumbled across this great quote from John E. Burkowski: "Photography - The best cure for a bad memory". Even when it may seem obvious that photographs help us archive life's moments, sometimes we take the true meaning of photography for granted.

This quote made me dive deep into the dustiest folders there could be inside two external hard drives and spent hours looking at old pictures from back when I met my wife Rose, 7 years ago. I decided to share a brief compilation of our photos taken between 2007 and 2013 (right after getting engaged).


For a few seconds there, I was able to relive every single emotion behind each photo, things that happened around that time, people we were with at that moment, thoughts and feelings that were running through our heads, just magic. 

- 2007 shot. Three months after meeting Rose, she suggested doing a 'couple session' ourselves in her studio, so we did. You can tell we still had butterflies in our stomach.

- 2009 shot.  A short trip we did to Tortuguero National Park in Costa Rica. Enjoying the caribbean coast while working out the tan (almost matching Rose's red top).

- 2012 shot. Taken in New York in one of our city sightseeing walks after attending the National Stationary Show. 

- 2013 shot. At our apartment, a few days after proposing to Rose. Yep, it took me almost 7 years to ring the question. And still feeling butterflies!

 This can even be a great exercise when having family meetings, friend gatherings or just spending some snuggle time with your couple.  Gather a bunch of old photos from trips, birthdays, vacations, holidays, celebrations and make your top sequenced selection and stream it to your TV screen (using any digital media player), or directly from your computer.

Now, if you are lucky enough and have Gigabytes of photo (and video) content, you may schedule a weekly night to be your "Cured Memory Night" and go through some old photos / videos!

 This quote was so catchy and powerful we were inspired to include it in our newest designs


Remember to always be ready to click the shutter or hit record. The value of memories becomes priceless every day that goes by. 


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